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THE Most notable (significants) privates sector servces.

Civil society institutions sector

sugget studies and legislative drafting for child right-human right women rights legal literacy for deffrent of socaity

Banks and financial instutions

Legal adviser, counselling, auditing contract, agreements

Real estat sector

Legal adviser and agent: (contract, litigation and coalitions)

Industry sector

counseler and dealership (contract, litigation and coalitions)

Trade sector

Establish coalition, transfartation, purchasing other companies, Agreementes, trademarkes, awnership rights,patenet property right).

Development region sector (OIZ)/ Tranpartation

conducting studIES and legal consulteing, for appling legestations and commercal industrial instruction.

Financial learing

Hotel industry sector

Insurance sector

Insurans issues- reinsurance- restructuring legal department- real and tax law- possession- sales and income tax cosultations- tax issues.

Information and communication technology

Providing different lands of legal services, such as:

formulate and preparing contract, agreement, supply contract, follw up the achevments, leasing tower, litigation

Other Services and experiences:

Drafting intermational concession contracts between corporotions.
Drafting concession stack companes and get approvals concession conformting with laws transform
working on mergng and transform corporation status, feasibility studies for entre prenearial.

Avation, Air and land tranportation sector

Establish specialized (commarical or in incident), possession, venture capitalformulating contract with internated companies:(maintainance, insurance, seling, bying and renting planes. establishing legal services and structures, insuring each depart,ent compliance to (CARC) by the law and conetions of international avation, particpating in board of directions in some cases. for insuring the govermence of companies and in of talcing I llegal decisous.

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